Long Distance Healings with Kahu Fred Sterling

Long Distance Healing with Kahu Fred Sterling

Kahu Fred Sterling is a master medium and profound, loving healer.

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About Long Distance Healings with Kahu Fred Sterling - Offered in REAL TIME.
Long Distance Healings with Kahu Fred Sterling are a highly effective method to assist you on your healing journey.  Offered to support the traditional medical care you may be receiving, Kahu Fred's unique spiritual gifts include the ability to "travel between the realms" of our waking states and our deeper levels of consciousness where real healing takes place.

Wherever you may be residing on the planet and without limitation, Kahu will tune into your four-body energy system; your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects and travel etherically to where you presently reside. There, and while you are in a restful state, Kahu will begin to create the most loving and healing space for you through Signature Cell Healing. Each healing is a totally new and unique experience as Kahu taps into your deepest healing desires on the soul level, and so from there, depending upon your needs, a profound energetic healing will take place.


Kahu Fred Sterling

Many healing recipients will actually feel Kahu in the room during the healing, as they settle into a deep sense of well being, love and peace, that will oftentimes stay with them for hours, days even weeks after a healing.  An essential component to Kahu Fred Sterling's long distance healing service is the followup message that each healee receives after the healing has taken place.  And because of the multidimensional information that Kahu has access to, these messages of healing offer profound insight into your healing path, offering loving suggestions and messages to support the continuation of your total well being.


Please view our online scheduling tool to view available appointment time and to schedule your appointment.  

Once we receive your requested healing time and payment, we will look at the time zone in which you reside, and the location where Kahu currently is in order to determine if this is the best time for your healing.  Kahu prefers you to be in a restful state, and so we may need to move your appointment time, depending up your location, to a time better suited for your healing to take place.  All this is determined and confirmed before the healing takes place.  During the time of your appointment, we ask that you lay back, relax, turn the phone off and allow yourself to receive the healing gift of love that Kahu Fred Sterling offers.

What People are saying about
Long Distance Healings with Kahu Fred Sterling


Dearest Kahu Fred and Patti, 

I don't even know how to begin to express myself for all the love, support, guidance, prayers and healings you two have given me and for this, I will be forever grateful. When I saw the email of Kahu Fred in my inbox I was scared to open it for fear that my day will be ruined. I read all my emails that day and was hesitant to read Kahu Fred's email. At about 10 PM I decided to face my fears. I was so stunned with Kahu's report my tears fell down my cheeks for the joy I felt in my heart. I was so, so very happy and grateful I wasn't able to sleep well that night reading his findings over and over again and absorbing it all in my head. I promise both of you that I will do exactly everything that Kahu advised me to do.

Patti, how can I ever thank you enough for everything you've done for me? Thank you so very much for all your prayers, love, and light. You are such a beautiful spirit I am so blessed and honored to have met you both.
~ Virginia


Today, I received a message from Kahu after my Long Distance Healing.  I would like to thank him from all my heart for the great advice given to me in this message.  Also, some of the words inspired me and gave me the passion for real action.
~ Elena
I could almost write a book about the incredible healing experiences and results I've experienced from Kahu's healing sessions.  It really touches the 4 bodies, even if one does not know at all what it is all about.  AMAZING!!!!
~ Dagmar


More about Kahu Fred Sterling 

Fred Sterling is a master medium, a minister and a messenger—a man who walks between the third dimensional world of human and the boundless realms of spirit. For more than 15 years, he has channeled the loving light and wisdom of Kirael, a master spirit guide, into books, articles and recorded sessions. As founder and Senior Minister of the Honolulu Church of Light, a non-traditional spiritualist church, he shines his own love and light upon both a local congregation and an international community of lightworkers via the Internet.

He has authored several books with Kirael, including Kirael: The Great Shift, Guide to the Unseen Self, and The Ten Principles of Conscious Creation, and shares his wisdom and Kirael's message through frequent radio, Internet and television programs. His weekly, live Internet radio broadcast, "The Great Shift with Fred Sterling," brings many of the top spiritualists and healers from around the world to lovingly awaken "we the people" to the great shift in consciousness. Kahu Sterling is, first and foremost, a gifted and dedicated healer, helping seekers around the world discover their own paths of healing into Love.

As a child, Kahu Sterling endured an upbringing of incredible hardship, including life in an orphanage and a succession of six stepfathers. In his earlier years, he held a number of challenging jobs, such as serving as an orderly in a prison for the criminally insane. He survived the most abject poverty imaginable to achieve the life of a successful, affluent businessman—only to give that all up to follow his spiritual calling.

Founder of the Honolulu Church of Light, he is a pioneering healer and a transmedium of distinction. His relationship with the wise and loving Master Guide Kirael has touched the lives of untold thousands across the globe through his books, recordings, videos and public and private sessions. 

As a Native American descendent and accomplished shaman, Fred Sterling has embraced the adventure of life more passionately than most, and what validates his work as a healer and visionary is precisely this life experience. It has allowed him to cultivate a sense of complete honesty and authenticity—what you see is what you get—and his style on the air or on the street is fully engaged and extemporaneous. All of Kahu Sterling's messages are relentlessly drawn from personal experience; he shares lessons from his own journey, teaching rather than preaching. "I'm a man that needs explanations," he says. "I think that's what makes me a good spiritual teacher. I have to see everything myself. I can't talk to an audience about something that I have not personally experienced or that doesn't make sense in my own life."

Throughout it all, Kahu Sterling downplays his role as "leader" or "healer" and instead, relishes his role as "messenger," wherein the message is more important than the messenger. And while his eyes occasionally flash with the focus and brilliance of the affluent businessman he once was, his demeanor is one of kindness and humility, with a genuine love for people of all spiritual paths.

"My whole journey in life at this point," says Kahu, as he is affectionately called, "is to let people see that options are available, to not get caught up in the fear or fall prey to the 'doom and gloom.' I want people to find the beauty and the light within themselves and begin to use it, begin to heal."

Kahu Fred Sterling, the Exclusive Medium of the  Loving Spiritual Guide,  Master Kirael

Kirael is a loving spirit guide from the seventh light that has committed his light into the Earth plane to help humanity heal, evolve and experience what he calls "the Great Shift in consciousness." Brought forth through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling, Master Council Guide Kirael has been called King of Angels and Guardian of the Journey.

In recent history, great energies have permeated the Earth plane, bringing information from sources not readily available to the human world. In the 1970's Jane Roberts brought forth the remarkable non-physical entity called Seth. Today, there are many profound and loving energies being channeled to help Mother Earth and her inhabitants:

Kryon, brought forth by Lee Carroll
The Group, through Steve Rother
Abraham, through Esther Hicks
Gaia, through Pepper Lewis
Archangel Michael, through Ronna Herman
and many, many more.

In the late 80's, an exciting new energy force made its presence known to another generation of Lightworkers. It called itself Kirael and Kahu Sterling has been honored to act as his medium. We call this entity "he" only because he communicates through Kahu Sterling, yet Kirael has made it clear that his energy pattern is neither a "he" nor a "she" but rather an energy pattern of light from an alternate dimension.

Kirael is here on an unprecedented mission of monumental consequence. He has appeared in this moment of history to fulfill an ancient prophecy—echoed many times throughout the ages—about an evolutionary cycle that began some 200,000 years ago. It is no coincidence that so many great energies are here at the same time, for this is a moment of extraordinary change and growth.

Council Master Kirael, as he is formally known, has come to usher Mother Earth and her inhabitants into a new era of profound evolutionary change, which he has dubbed "The Great Shift in Consciousness". This period in history, prophesied through ancient Mayan, Native American, Egyptian and Biblical calendars as well as through Nostradamus and many modern psychics, has been called "The End Times," "Zero Point," "The Time of No Time" and other fearful sounding names. It has elicited vivid images of Armageddon or Ascension, Rapture or Apocalypse.

However, Kirael has consistently maintained that the Great Shift is not about doom and gloom; it is a time of great joy and celebration as Mother Earth rebalances herself and prepares for mass evolutionary movement into a new dimension.

Master Kirael’s greatest imperative is the healing of the human world. He has made world peace, harmony and the enlightenment of humanity his major agenda. He has provided powerful, practical tools for the Shift through our books and recordings, such as Kirael: The Great Shift, Guide to the Unseen Self and The Ten Principles of Conscious Creation, Kirael: The Genesis Matrix and Lemurian Legacy for the Great Shift.

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