Spiritual Seekers: The Mystical Thymus Gland


May 17, 2017 - 2:00pm Hawaii Time 

During Signature Cell Healing classes I taught healers how to access the healee’s inner child and past lives through the thymus gland. Like the pineal gland,

the thymus gland is another mystical part of the physical body that begs to be explored.

It will take your healing process to new levels of understanding of what it means to heal at the cellular level at depth you’ve never gone before. Accessing your thymus consciousness may have the answers to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges you are experiencing in your life as a spiritual seeker and conscious creator.

Whatever your challenges are, I invite you to tune in this day. I am very excited to share my amazing experiences in hopes that it will encourage you to go into your thymus during your 5 prana-breath self-healing meditation and discover the secrets it holds.

During this webinar program, I will show you how to open yourself to the secrets of your thymus gland. Thereafter I suggest you keep a written log of what you experiences. Because you will have questions that you want answered or experiences verified, I also invite you to tune May 31st webinar.  Master Guide Kirael will be available to help you get to newdepths of understanding and so that healing can happen.

Kahu Fred Sterling


May 17, 2017
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