Spiritual Seekers: The Goddess Light Prevails

The Goddess Light Prevails - Repeat Broadcast

April 19, 2017 - 2:00pm Hawaii Time 

DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY, WE WILL BE REPEATING THIS SHOW! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be touched by your goddess essence?  What would you say to a group of professional females who for over a 

decade simply packed their bags, kissed their loved ones, put their scarves over their shoulders, jumped on a plane and whisked themselves to fulfill a destiny that was embedded in their life blueprint over 50,000 years ago? Take a moment to take a prana breath and think. I know that if you go down deep within heart, you can truthfully say, “I know what that feels like to act beyond logic”.  You just do because upon completion you feel fulfilled beyond measure.

Where did the females who were called to duty by their goddess light wind up? They trusted their intuition and guidance.  It took them all over the world, to a jungle high in the mountains of South America, various places in Europe, Asia, the outback of Australia and the United States. Because of their dedication to truth, trust and passion many goddesses were awakened and the next phase of the Great Shift in Consciousness could continue.

If you are an incarnate goddess, you know that you are on a mission for the Creator Force and your journey should always be evolving in love. This includes healing the self in love.

As an avid follower of Master Guide Kirael wisdom, you have an understanding that being human is a 4-body experience…physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Moving the 3rd dimension consciousness to the 4th dimension consciousness involves the awareness of the emotional body, also known as the pure body of love.

Master Guide Kirael mentioned that as of January 26th of this year the Great Shift in Consciousness entered a new phase.  You can see its effects in the external world. But most of all you are feeling your body going through the shifting process. For some it maybe a little scary because it is getting so difficult to find comfort and grounding in the established belief systems that you depended on in the past. 

In the past you have were attuned and worked with the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of being human. The time has come for you to link the emotional body of pure love to once again feel the whole.  

Don’t worry. Trust your intuitive senses and go with the flow. What is happening is your thoughts process is being heightened, causing the human body to dramatically change to fully include the emotional body.  You are beginning to be consciously aware that your walk on earth must be a 4-body experience. Join me this day to increase your faith in yourself as an incarnate goddess being of light.


Kahu Fred Sterling


April 19, 2017
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