Spiritual Seekers: Weaving the Principle of TRUTH into Your Daily Life

July 12, 2017 - 2:00pm Hawaii Time 

Aloha! Spiritual Seekers are forever truth seekers. 

Every morning, after meditation, I read my emails and for the most part they are genuinely inspiring.

For instance, just recently I received one from a lady in South America who had recently picked up my book The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating. 

She expressed her gratitude for the book and how much it is changing her thoughts about the process of enlightenment. Her first read brought more questions to the surface that particularly touched me. As I tuned in to her energy, I understood at deeper levels that a Spiritual Seeker doing time on earth never stops seeking Truth. That is what we do as evolving souls.

The questions she asked touched my heart. In that light, I am inspired to offer to you a free downloadable e-book. Also, from July through November of this year, I am dedicating my free Spiritual Seekers and Ask Kahu monthly webinar programs to the 10 Principles of Consciously Creating class.

Like the 5 Prana-Breath Self-Healing Meditation, the practice of 10 Principles of Consciously Creating offers multiple levels of understanding and enlightenment.

Tune in live, July 12 –

Topic: Weaving the principle of TRUTH in to your daily life.

Don’t wait…get your free e-book and begin reading Chapter 1 and feel empowered to take your life journey to the next level. Write your questions down for inspiration.

Contact Gail Jan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register and get your free e-book.

I am so inspired to do this journey with you. The benefits will be abundant for mother earth and us as well. Donations to the Honolulu Church of Light will be gladly accepted at the end of each program if you are moved to do so.

Kahu Fred Sterling


July 12, 2017
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