Conscious Creators: The Spiritual Perspective of Your Thymus Gland

May 31, 2017

What is a spiritual perspective? First of all let me be perfectly clear, our viewpoint on life will depend on our level of conscious

awareness.  I thought it is time for Master Guide Kirael to share his perspective from the 7th dimension on the thymus.  I am always happy to present Kirael’s perspective from the 7th dimension on a topic that made a huge difference in my life as a healer, teacher, and medium. Kirael’s spiritual perspective on the thymus, at this time of the Great Shift, will raise your conscious awareness as a conscious creator.

The following message (in italics) is my humble task to automatic write for Kirael:

It would be of my thoughts to fully explain the context of a master gland such as the Thymus. My knowing of just how powerful this gland is, let me share a few facts for all of you.

Firstly let me remind you that your Thymus gland stops growing at an early age. But its function no way is stopped.  It is in fact so filled with your past lives on this particular dimension. It is in fact simply taking up less room.What you also need to know, the five breath healing meditation, without any additional effort, begins to grow the actual size of your thymus gland. That being said if you have been using this particular brand of meditation for say six months your thymus has already experienced some form of growth.

Now let me be perfectly frank with you. Growth will be depending on your actual breathing processes. Growth could be more or less will be depending on your level of sustained breathing. That is just one of the many benefits of this particular meditation!

It would be me special treasure to go over this in more detail at the time of the webinar gathering. 

Good Evenin…Master Guide Kirael

Submit your questions early before May 31st so you can simply relax and enjoy this topic that you will be talking about for the months ahead.


Kahu Fred Sterling

Exclusive Medium for Kirael

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May 31, 2017 
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