Raise Your Level of Conscious Awareness, Age Your Soul - Where are you on the Conscious Awareness Chart?

March 29, 2017

In my walk between the dimensions I am privilege to come across information from the Akashic records that can surely take the committed Conscious Creator to new levels of awareness.  I am excited to have Master Guide Kirael talk to you about another topic that you can consider in the process of aging your soul.


Perhaps this topic will answer many questions like: Why am I not getting what I want in life? Why am I not healing in rapid speed? Why are my family members not spiritual seekers like me? If the Creator is at 100% on the Conscious Awareness Chart, where am I? How does the age of the soul relate to conscious awareness? Is 4th dimension consciousness mean choosing to do things in the space of love? Miracles happen at what percentage point on the chart? 

Master Guide Kirael had mentioned that as of January 26th 2017, planet earth entered a new phase of the Great Shift in Consciousness. We Conscious Creator are feeling it big time and we are seeing those around us being affected too. During the February Conscious Creator webinar program, Kirael advised us to place what we know in a box and open up new ones. On this note, I am happy to announce another topic for your consideration to raise your consciousness from the 3rd to the 4th light and better your life journey on earth.

It is your Lemurian legacy to awaken to new levels of consciousness awareness. You are ready for the process of releasing yourself from old habits of the 3rd (ying-yang) dimension and start the process of living in your truth, trust and passion of the 4th light. I know you will enjoy earth so much more as you age your soul.


Kahu Fred Sterling

Exclusive Medium for Kirael

What’s your question? Anytime before the day of the program email your questions to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For the answers, tune in and connect live to hear Master Kirael speak about a phenomenal topic from his truth light essence as a Guardian of Developing Societies. Be prepared to open your heart, set your local brain aside, and let your omnibrain move your consciousness into the 4th dimension—the bridge into the fifth dimension—where answers to questions can be fully understood.  Listen, heal, and age your soul.


March 29, 2017 
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