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walking_path_with_spirit_lg"Your guides, your angels, your goddesses; they’ll not let you walk alone, my friends. They are not here for any other reason than to serve you in your journey. Because you see, your journey is their journey. Every great step you make, they make." --Master Guide Kirael, from "Walking the Path with Spirit"

Master Guide Kirael invites you to close your eyes, listen and feel this powerful Kahu and Kirael LIVE event. Here you will discover the magical, yet practical keys to living your life with Spirit. Beginning with the loving challenge, "Stop telling us you can't do it, and just do it," Master Kirael shares the simple process available to each of us, as we choose with our hearts to walk alongside our own personal "entourage" of guides and angels. The messages offered throughout this dynamic two-hour recording will light your way to a deeper understanding of your own Guidance reality by answering questions such as:

  • How do we combine forces to create a mastermind for global healing and peace?
  • How can we go into ourselves to find the love to heal the world? Is there indeed a "dark night of the soul?"
  • Could that light you see out of the corner of your eye lead to an etheric school of Spirit?
  • Who in the Spirit realm am I supposed to work with? Do I wait for an angel or guide to find me?
  • What's love got to do with aligning ourselves with Spirit? (Everything!)
  • As we raise our consciousness, how do we deal with the strife we see in the world around us?
  • Are shamanic and goddess energies woven into the same light?
  • How do we create "karma" and how can it be healed?

    Also experience Master Kirael's uplifting vision of You as a beautiful, blossoming rose -- reaching to the God Creator's light, expressing your love on this planet -- and all the while, being cheered on by the Creator's force within! 


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