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    Our mission first and foremost is to create world peace through heart at a time. For over 20 years, we at have been reaching out around the globe, touching hearts and minds with the wisdom of Kahu Fred Sterling and Master Guide Kirael. Join us as we share information from spirit about the Great Shift in Consciousness and Healing the self.
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Healing Your Emotional Body


Kirael: The vast majority of people here on Earth walk around in fear of loss. Somewhere, my friends, they began to learn about fear and grew away from love. The true fear is that, in essence, they may never find their way home to the Great Creator. In this fear, they build up many, many belief systems that deter their own growth. Healing will bring forth their ability to center themselves to be relieved of fear and brought into the essence of love once again. The key to your entire evolutionary journey, my friends, is love. Within love is the change to find that inner peace that you seek.

Over the years, Kahu Fred Sterling and Master Kirael have taken us on a journey of healing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. And we have come to understand that our emotional body is of pure love. We are learning that in the ascension process, we can experience this love to heal the fears that we carry within our cellular consciousness.

As we affirm, " I love myself enough to heal" we begin to consciously create an awesome life adventure. Can you imagine what is possible when we chose to heal in love?

Through his gift of mediumaship, Kahu brings forth Master Guide Kirael on this wondrous journey, as you prepare to open to your sixth sense and to become one with this beautiful creation force of love.


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